Steam Boiler Service

Steam boiler inspection, steam boiler maintenance or steam boiler repair. We take care of the smooth operation of your steam plant.

Our Services

You need a steam boiler maintenance, the steam plant revision is pending, a steam safety valve is dripping, you want to change your steam pipe network?

Maintenance / Repair

Your boiler system is not running as it should. You are losing pressure in the lines for inexplicable reasons or have some other problem with your system. We identify the cause and bring your system back into working order. 

Steam plant conversions

You need adjustments to your piping network or fittings need to be replaced or modified. Your tanks must be repositioned or supplemented with additional lines. We will be happy to carry out these changes for you. 

Accompaniment revision

An inspection is due and you want your steam boiler system to pass the acceptance test safely? Please contact us and we will accompany and/or coordinate the inspection/revision. 

Steam plants operation

We take over the monitoring and operation of your boiler system. Our service technicians visit regularly to maintain the plant. In addition, the critical components can be monitored remotely to proactively respond to early warning signs.

Our Service Packages


  • Legal inspection  
  • BOSB / BOME examination 
  • Water sampling
  •  Visual inspection
  • Wear monitoring
  •  Software - Hardware Aligning
  • Check dirt trap
  • Maintenance flushing line
  • Consumer documentation
  • Warehouse management consumables
  • Steam trap test
  • Management safety valves
  • Maintenance work water treatment
  • Subcontractor coordination
  • Flat rate for on-call service


  • (2x a year)
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  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
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  • X
  • Excluded


  • (2x a year)
  • (2x a year)
  • (2x a year)
  • (2x a year)
  • (2x a year)
  • (2x a year)
  • X
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  • Excluded


  • (2x a year)
  • (weekly)
  • (monthly)
  • (2x a year)
  • (2x a year)
  • (monthly)


  • Included

Measurement of the amount of energy

The amount of steam used by your production machinery is often overestimated, resulting in unnecessary energy costs. At Aerni, we want to help you overcome these challenges and make your steam system more efficient. 

Where are steam quantity measurements relevant - for which planned changes?

  • The addition of new steam consuming process machinery

  • Replacement of steam boilers

  • Major changes to the steam piping system

Lack of steam volume data can lead to oversizing, resulting in increased energy consumption and additional costs.


Preventive measurements for optimally dimensioned pipelines

We offer invasive and non-invasive systems that analyse steam consumption without disturbing your existing systems. This enables the optimal dimensioning of your pipelines and saves costs.

Correct boiler size selection through to precise data

Our solutions provide precise information about the actual steam consumption, which helps you to choose the right boiler size and thus save money.

Improved efficiency through accurate measurements

We make it possible to improve steam boiler efficiency through precise measurements, which enables adjustments to the PLC system and savings in energy costs. 


• Invasive and non-invasive technology, permanent or rented

We provide various steam measurement systems. These are suitable for every application situation. Regardless of whether it is an explosion protection zone, hygiene zone, difficult to access or in tunnels. Clamp-on or permanently installed in the pipeline. We provide the right technology.

• Reference data and comparability

We have access to a database of reference data and can therefore correctly categorise the various reference steam profiles and analysis results. Based on this experience, we can determine the correct sizing and configuration of your system.

• Insights and recommendations for optimal system sizes

We share our knowledge of different technologies to improve your understanding and give you practical recommendations.

• Real-time monitoring for continuous efficiency

Our systems provide real-time monitoring with instant alerts to ensure your production is always running efficiently.


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We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of the operation, maintenance and service of your steam boiler system.

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